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Lease drivers who have ordered an electric car are trying to have it delivered this year. People who had recovered one for next year want to have the car delivered this year. In this way they hope to escape a higher addition, says the Electric Riders Association. Most electric cars are ordered by business drivers.

Many attempts are in vain. Often the delivery time is more than half a year and the dealers have no influence on this. For example, 2500 people have ordered an electric car from Hyundai, which they will receive in 2020.

Only Tesla says a Model 3 now ordered can be delivered next month. However, the competitors wonder whether Tesla can really deliver on that promise.

The cabinet wants to increase the taxable addition for electric cars from 1 January to 4 percent. It can save 8 euros annually. Cars delivered this year are still under the current rate. Customers may not cancel their order free of charge. At Hyundai, for example, you still have to pay 1250 percent purchase value.

Bovag, RAI Association and the Electric Riders Association hope that the House of Representatives will still hold back plans for the tax increase.

An electric car is charged