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Schiphol is allowed to grow again. Tomorrow the cabinet will discuss a proposal by Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen to limit the number of flight movements from 2021 onwards.

Currently, a maximum of 500.000 flights per year applies, but that number may grow again from 2021. Aircraft must be quieter and cleaner, which causes less inconvenience. Left parties are fiercely against expansion. Other parties such as CDA, VVD and PVV are for growth.

In the near future, Van Nieuwenhuizen will consult with local residents and the aviation sector to create support for her plans. The condition is that the growth in the number of flights can be carried out safely.

It should be done with sixty cheap flights a day to London

"There are many reasons why Schiphol cannot and should not continue to grow," says GroenLinks MP Suzanne Kröger. ,, There is a solid report from the Dutch Safety Board, there is the nitrogen statement from the Council of State and there is no growth in aviation at all related to the climate agreement. Schiphol's limits have been reached. It is simply necessary to work more efficiently there, as economically speaking there are still opportunities. But it must be done with sixty cheap flights a day to London. The minister must fight against that, not get through to growth. ”

In February, Van Nieuwenhuizen said in de Volkskrant that Schiphol will continue to grow, otherwise it will lose competition with other airports. “It will be a puzzle. It will not be unrestrained growth, such as: just fly, and it will not be: we will lock Schiphol or pull the plug. That is simply not possible, ”she said then.

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