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For school transport, taxi transport is issued in accordance with European tender. What is striking in all these tenders is the value that was assigned when awarding the sustainability factor. Fortunately, the municipalities still place quality and communication in front of sustainability.

Fortunately, we often see that things are going well in practice

In practice, the implementation of student transport does not always go as desired. It is important to give quality a proper place in the tender specifications so that it can be effectively managed. Some examples are the maximum travel time of the learner in the tender requirements plan and the consequences of non-compliance with requirements for the carrier. The quality of good planning is paramount.

Pupils often need a certain amount of stability.

Experience has shown that it is not always possible for carriers to deploy one regular driver for one route. As a client, therefore, try a maximum of two permanent or a fixed group of drivers. In addition, a fixed pick-up time and a fixed place in the vehicle have a positive effect on student behavior.

“I want a driver I know: that makes me feel more comfortable. I can't stand changes. My wheelchair was not properly secured. I was excited the whole ride. ”

The driver must be able to deal well with the students and parents. Many complaints are about the way in which the pupils and parents have been treated by the driver.

Vulnerable target groups demand a high safety standard

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Student transport is widely used by usually very vulnerable target groups. It is therefore important that the transport is not only of good quality, but also that a high safety standard is applied. Safety is primarily a task for the carrier and any wheelchair provider. Obviously, a carrier must comply with all legal requirements regarding transport.

Many complaints have to do with punctuality and travel time. On the one hand, this dissatisfaction is due to the frameworks set by the municipality, which means that the carrier has some margin around agreed times. These margins must be clear to everyone, including the parents.