The Naaldwijk taxi company De Roo is making a restart and continues under the name De Roo Personentransport BV. The company reports that this is in a slimmed down form.

Services such as taxi service, airport transport, group transport, business transport and disabled and wheelchair transport must keep the company profitable after the restart.

"We are very pleased that we can make a restart with these services," says director Marco de Roo. 'Not only for ourselves, but also for our regular customers and employees. Fortunately, we can continue to offer an important part of our services. ”

Slimmed-down shape

In May, the company was declared bankrupt by the court. The taxi department of the company, with 98 employees and a number of temporary workers, has continued to drive since then. 

After the bankruptcy, all contracts were transferred by clients to other carriers. In the future, there will be no more work on student transport, healthcare transport, regional taxi and AOV and Valys. 

Handsome mature businessman getting into taxi
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