The government parties CDA, VVD, D66 and CU are considering introducing payment according to use. That says RTL News based on inspected documents. The Cabinet may want to introduce road pricing in 2026 and is currently looking at three different options.

With the first variant, only electric cars have to pay for kilometers driven. These cars are still exempt from MRB. Petrol and diesel cars simply continue to pay MRB as it is now. The VVD is in favor of this measure. The party sees nothing in the traditional form of kilometer charge.

The second variant is that everyone has to pay for kilometers driven. How, what and where is not yet clear. The MRB is abolished with this system. It is clear that it must be a variable amount. Times and locations will affect the kilometer price.

The third variant is the second variant, but with an additional charge on drivers who drive during rush hour. The left-wing parties in particular will be happy with this system, because it puts a maximum burden on the motorist.

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