There will be a minimum rate for all self-employed persons in the Netherlands: they may not be paid less than 16 euros per hour. That reports the NOS. The cabinet has been looking for a long time for a way to protect the growing group of bogus self-employed persons. 

This should come a step closer with the introduction of a kind of minimum wage for all self-employed persons. Self-employed people with a low hourly rate mainly work in the post, in the culture sector, horticulture, home care and passenger transport. Many of them even earn less than ten an hour.

It was already agreed in the coalition agreement at the time that bogus self-employment should be tackled. The coalition parties wanted a minimum rate for self-employed persons. That should be 125 percent of the minimum wage, which would amount to an hourly rate between 15 and 18 euros. The Netherlands had nearly 2018 million self-employed people without employees in 1,1.

It remains to be seen whether all parties agree to a minimum rate of 16 euros. The amount is at the bottom of the bandwidth, 15 to 18 euros, which was determined at the time.  

Pitane Blue
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