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The Council of Ministers has approved the proposals of State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven for simplifying taxi rules. For example, the obligation for drivers to request a new Certificate of Good Behavior (VOG) every five years will disappear, because they are already being screened continuously.

Taxi drivers happy: fewer burdens and rules

The so-called Community license for entrepreneurs who already have a taxi license will also be deleted. This is a permit for companies that want to use taxis for public transport. Van Veldhoven believes that the taxi license already offers sufficient quality assurance for travelers.

"The ministry emphasizes that the safety of travelers and other road users should not be compromised, but drivers are constantly monitored for criminal offenses."

Taxi drivers are also given more space to respond to new developments in the market. The State Secretary will also be given more leeway to remove restrictions on new forms of travel concepts that benefit taxi users. 

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