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The day before Fastned makes its debut on the Amsterdam stock exchange, the operator of fast charging stations suddenly postpones the issue of new certificates. The reason is rumors that the Cabinet wants to significantly reduce the tax incentives for electric cars.

The IPO itself will continue, the company emphasizes in a press statement, but does not raise any new capital with its listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange. According to the operator of charging stations, the market conditions are too bad for this, after reports that the government would like to stimulate electric driving less than expected.

Cabinet plans uncertain

The company does this on the basis of the current market-related circumstances, including the increased uncertainty regarding the stimulation of electric driving, and the response from investors in this regard in recent days. Fastned builds and operates a network of 97 fast charging stations, 84 of which are in the Netherlands.

Cabinet wants to weaken the plans to electric driving,

The cabinet wants to significantly weaken the plans to drive electric vehicles, the NOS reported earlier in the IPO week. For example, the subsidy on fully electric cars would be halved to € 3000. 

The addition would also be less favorable than expected and the coalition would put an end to taxing cars with a combustion engine more heavily.