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The race for the first self-driving car is in full swing, according to While Tesla keeps pushing the introduction of its autonomous functions, Volvo and Uber hijack the shine today. They have the production version of self-driving XC90 taxi ready.

At first glance, Volvo and Uber don't seem like the most obvious partners. Where Volvo is sweet and yet expensive, Uber is naughty and cheap. Nevertheless, the two companies found each other in the project to develop a first self-driving taxi. 

The Volvuber XC90 that the two companies present today can go without a taxi driver. Volvo also gives high on the safety systems that the XC90 already comes with at the factory, making the car very safe. However, the self-driving system is also extra safe: all vital parts are in the car twice, so that there is always a backup system if one of the control functions fails.

Uber's systems sit on top of the Volvo and scan the environment in search of hobos crossing in the dark. Volvo will start using parts of the systems in its own cars from 2020. In the meantime, tens of thousands of the Volvubers must also get on the road taxi drivers unemployed to make offering safe transport to everyone.

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