Pitane Mobility Narrowcasting is the solution for the reception or waiting area and the ideal solution to automatically inform your customers about their transport solution, such as the expected arrival time (ETA) of the car.

The software comes with the small Z83 II, a small and compact computer that you can easily connect to the television or to your monitor. You only need an HDMI connection and a socket and you can start the computer.  

All software is already pre-installed on the mini computer, including the link with the central of the carrier (s).

Own logo and personal messages

Pitane Mobility Narrowcasting is provided with your own logo and is linked to your Pitane Mobility exchange via Internet. A WIFI connection is therefore necessary in the room where you place the setup.

Some areas of application for your customers:

  • Reception of a hotel
  • Reception of a hospital or day center
  • Pubs and cafeteria
  • Restaurants and eateries
  • Bar and night clubs

There are monthly costs for using this service.

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