HERE Technologies is a company that provides map and location data and related services to individuals and businesses. It is largely owned by a consortium of German car companies, while other companies also have minority interests.

The company has more than 6500 employees worldwide and is today owned by the BMW, Audi, Daimler and Intel consortium. The company was founded by Navteq and later acquired by Nokia.

Navigation as a service is just the beginning

Despite this partner agreement, it costs a lot of time and money for Eindhoven based Censys BV, we are convinced that it must be able to offer a fully-fledged alternative to the current integration of Google Maps.

"The main reason for integrating HERE is the planned development of new products and services within Pitane Mobility for taxi and coach companies."

Pitane Mobility version 10 will use the following HERE services, among others:

  • Geocoding - Highly accurate mapping of geo coordinates and addresses
  • Positioning - Device tracking and positioning for indoors and outdoors, online and offline
  • Fleet Telematics - Advanced algorithms for optimal routing and planning with a comprehensive set of data including attributes, costs and environmental zones
  • Routing - precise instructions to a destination using different modes of transport (car, bus, taxi, public transport, bicycle) and using matrix and isoline algorithms
  • Places - Extensive set of Points of Interest with rich attribution for more than 400 categories
  • Map Tiles - Pre-displayed map tiles with different display types, such as regular map, satellite imagery and terrain
  • Folder Image - Pre-rendered map images that are already optimized for both desktop and mobile devices
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