The sector is confronted with the validity of the security certificates of all BCT cards because, as has been known for a long time, the validity expires on March 20, 2020. In addition, the validity of the driver card and the business card will also expire on 20 March 2020.

A digital certificate from PKI government guarantees the reliability of information exchange via USB or internet based on Dutch legislation. Digital certificates are an indispensable link in secure internet traffic. It is a form of identification of an on-board computer or IT system, but has a limited lifespan.

Replacing system cards is too expensive an operation. 

The Ministry has not yet issued a guarantee about the validity of those cards and who pays for the costs if they have to be replaced before March 20, 2020. The sector believes that they should not be responsible for these costs.

As mentioned, the costs for replacing the system cards (chips) are high. According to the KNV, a conservative estimate comes to € 7,7 million, excluding the costs of the manufacturers. Manufacturers themselves have informed KNV that they will pass on their costs to the taxi companies, so that the total amount will be well above € 10 million.

What are PKI government certificates?

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the government, in short PKIoverheid, enables reliable digital communication within and with the Dutch government. PKIoverheid is a very high-quality and secure infrastructure, based on digital certificates.

PKIoverheid certificates are digital certificates that must meet the requirements of the government, for example with regard to the issuing process and the link to a root certificate (certificate hierarchy). They are the standard for securing electronic (government) services.

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Both government and companies can use PKIoverheid certificates. Professional certificates are only intended for professionals with a so-called recognized profession.

Since March 2018, the validity of PKIoverheid server certificates has been maximized at two years. All other types of PKIoverheid certificates will remain the same, such as 5 years for personal certificates.

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